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We at Estate Liquidators constantly work at maintaining our reputation as the most respected estate sales company in the Dallas area. Having thousands of satisfied clients, we feel most qualified to handle the sale of your items in a respectful and professional manner.


Estate Liquidators serves the entire DFW Area. Contact us as follows:

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Liquidating Personal Belongings

Life and needs change. Sometimes, unfortunate circumstances occur due to illness, divorce, death, or maybe just downsizing. Loved ones often find themselves in a position where certain things need to be sold in a timely fashion. Being in this position is oftentimes emotionally, physically and mentally draining, as well as time consuming. Estate Liquidators is an easy solution without the stress, hassle and headaches. Our professional staff is bonded and our services are chosen and trusted by families, healthcare facilities, retirement communities, attorneys, bank trustees and realtors. When you need professional estate liquidation, think of Estate Liquidators. A trusted name since 1981, we can provide you with services ranging from estate sales, to senior moving, to downsizing.

When property was already on the market, fellow realtors liked the assistance of Estate Liquidators because our concentrated attention on the property helped the property sell faster. Through the process of estate liquidation, Estate Liquidators is ever mindful that the property needs to be in showing condition at all times when the property is on the market for sale. Whether it’s a modest home, sprawling estate or institution, or art and antique valuables, we can manage most situations involving your property. Over the years, both McLeod Realtors and Estate Liquidators have produced many satisfied customers and received many referrals from past customers and fellow realtors. Estate Liquidators does it all and delivers you a broom-swept home – ready to be sold – and, often, a sold home. Professional liquidation is not for everyone. However, if our services are the right choice for you, please call Ruth McLeod at 972-818-3000. We will be happy to visit with you personally at your location and discuss a liquidation sale that will meet your needs.

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